the microscope is my friend

MDDr. Matúš Šovčík

I studied stomatology at the 1st Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University, Prague and I completely fell in love with my field. In 2014-16 I participated as a trainer in the project “Nechci kazy” (I don’t want cavities) dedicated to the prevention of cavities and teaching teeth hygiene for children in kindergartens and their parents and teachers.


I like to talk to the clients in English or German and in my free time I do some sports and programming.

Courses, seminars, internships and conferences

  • Adhesive post-endodontic treatment, MUDr. Ott
  • Basics of endodontics, MUDr. Martin Jr.
  • Kofferdam and its use, MUDr Martin Jr.
  • I have attended the Prague Dental Days and the Dental Summit several times