stomatology is my hobby

MDDr. Lenka Němcová

After graduation and a few months intensive English language course in Oxford, I spent 4 years collecting practice in dental practices in Germany, mostly Bavaria. Dr. Kaloš’s technological procedures and treatment style finally convinced me to return to the Czech Republic to AXION Dental Dock, allowing me to fully devote myself to patient-oriented dentistry.

My dental skills include: four handed microscope work, composite fillings with a focus on aesthetics and gnatology, endodontics.

I am fortunate that dentistry is also my hobby and therefore I do it extensively in my spare time. My other interests include German studies, travel and literature.


Dentistry is my hobby, but I also relax with books, including those in German. I also do some handicrafts and yoga.

Courses, seminars, internships and conferences

  • Complete training cycle of “The General Dentist” by MDDr. Lukáš Kaloš
  • Curriculum of endodontics in Germany, final exam in 2021
  • CT professional exam
  • Clean Teeth Week
  • Kunkela Academy – CEREC as part of modern practice